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Anne Markham Schulz


VISTAS is an acronym for Virtual Images of Sculpture in Time And Space.  VISTAS subsidizes the publication of books of new scholarship on old sculpture.

VISTAS combines old and new. We marry innovative technology to the highest standard of traditional book publishing, bringing out dual publications, in print and online.

Each VISTAS book includes this online component, Vistas Visuals, featuring very high resolution still photographs; panoramic photography or video to show sculpture in its setting; orbital clips to show the sculpture in the round; and time-lapse photography to show the light changing on outdoor sculptures.

The still photographs are easily zoomable.   By zooming in on them and moving to the area of interest, viewers are able to see the sculpture in great detail.   One can readily see how each work is carved.

VISTAS’ books are published by Harvey Miller Publishers and sold by the usual art book sellers.  Vistas Visuals, the website, is free to all.   We hope that those with some interest in sculpture will find their interest growing, so viewers can learn more through our books in print.

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About The Sculpture of Tullio Lombardo

Tullio Lombardo is one of the most important sixteenth-century Venetian sculptors.   Anne Markham Schulz has written on this artist in the past, but adds a great deal of new material here.  She has provided extremely high quality still photography by Mauro Magliani.  Here, they are zoomable. In many instances, we’ll be able to see details that we couldn’t see if we were at the site.

Educated in the History of Art at Radcliff College, Harvard University, and the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU, Anne Markham Schulz has taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Brown University and the Universitá Federico II at Naples.  Her research on Italian Renaissance sculpture has resulted in dozens of articles published in America, England, France, Germany and Italy as well as eight books, including monographs on Bernardo Rossellino, Antonio Rizzo, Giambattista and Lorenzo Bregno, Nanni di Bartolo and Giammarria Mosca. Her most recent book focuses on woodcarving in Venice from 1350 to 1550.  She is currently a Visiting Scholar at Brown University in Providence, RI.

To learn more or to purchase The Sculpture of Tullio Lombardo, please visit our publisher's website here.

The scholarly opinions expressed in VISTAS publications are based upon physical inspection of the works, current research, and circumstances known to the author(s) at this time. The published text is not a warranty of any kind of the authenticity, condition, or provenance of works treated or of the comprehensiveness of the artist’s oeuvre. It should not be relied upon by any person, including but not limited to owners or others, for any purpose, including but not limited to bringing legal action or inquiry. Neither VISTAS, its publisher Brepols, nor any of its officers, directors, editors, writers, researchers, advisors, contractors, scientific committee members, employees, agents, or representatives shall have any liability whatsoever toward anyone as a result of the assertions made in the volume.


VISTAS and/or its authors may revise its opinions and assertions at a future date for reasons that may include, but are not limited to, new scholarship or discoveries arising or inspections taking place after the date of publication.

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